Sprott-A Attractor

Searching for (algebraically speaking) the most simple systems that would behave chaotic around an attractor in 1994, Julien Clinton Sprott1 found 19 distinct cases from A through S which have at most 6 terms across three dimensions2. They are occasionally called Sprott-Linz attractors because of the contributions by the German physicist Stefan Linz3,4. Case A contains just 5 terms and requires two of them to be nonlinear – meaning the scaling factor of their variable is not constant.


Differential system:

\[\dot{x} = y\] \[\dot{y} = - x + y\, z\] \[\dot{z} = 1 - y^2\]



Stereographic Animation

Here you can find case D which I also rendered in this series. Case G can be found here.

You can now get a print of the Sprott attractors in my shop! Read more about it here.

  1. You can find his awesome suff in Sprott’s Gateway 

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