Roessler Attractor

After the Lorenz attractor was found and intensively studied, the German biochemist Otto Eberhard Rössler simplified the model in 1976 and discovered a system that contains only one wing1.

The resulting attractor has interesting topological properties as part of it is similar to a Möbius strip.


Differential system:

\[\dot{x} = -y - z\] \[\dot{y} = x + a\, y\] \[\dot{z} = b + z\, (x - c)\]


\[a = 0.2\] \[b = 0.2\] \[c = 5.7\]


  1. O.E. Rössler, 1976. "An equation for continuous chaos". Phys. Let. A. 57(05). doi:10.1016/0375-9601(76)90101-8