I'm kinda back

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Good evening internet. Oh man it’s been a while… Sorry for letting you wait so long. To keep you informed, my exams went pretty good and I did not fail any. This next semester is more project heavy where I have to write tons pages for technical reports. Gonna be fun guys. Well actually not that bad and a surely brings some valuable variety. But heck it’s work!

I also started another few new coding projects which is not what I planned on doing. Pretty much none of my previously initiated ideas are nowhere near finished and I’m feeling bad for having it look like I’m giving up on them. But I’m not! I can’t have enough projects running parallel! Seriously, it’s hard to keep track of all of them and stay unconfused about which snippet of code belongs to what. But let’s face it and put in pure coffee energy to cope with it. I’ll let you know it anything is worth checking out.

I guess thats all for today already. Have an amazing week and see you next time!

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