Examination phases are creepy!

| 1 min | Bob
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Good day people. Do you know that moment when everyone is building up distance to each other and you are left alone with stress and fatigue? If not, its called the examination phase. Every couple months you get in trouble and have to stay up the whole night to keep up with your internal screaming. You basically spent weeks over weeks listening to lectures, researching interesting stuffs, running amazing projects and suddenly everything you thought you achieved is gone. You don’t feel so good as if Thanos snipped the heck out of his glove.

Its been a week now since the lectures stopped and the learning process is going very sluggishly. Its not like I’ve done nothing, I already got some neat formularies and practised a lot of exercises but I don’t feel any prepared. Maybe it means that I’m bored of the tasks and I can solve the exam problems in notime, who knows… Most likely not though. I still got another week to prepare, so no worries I guess. Its seven exams this semester, lets hope I’m not ending up procastinating any this time.

Thats all for now. Sorry for the relativeley short post, but I’ve got a lot of stuff to do. I’ll be writing more next time. If you are also in exam-trouble or something similar, feel yourself hugged. Good luck guys and have a good day!

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