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Today, I have great news! I have finally taken the time to really work on my website. As some of you may know, it originally started as a small project to let off steam. As time went by, I did less and less maintenance and neither wrote new posts nor worked on the code in general. The main reason for this was, that it was simply too much work for me to make changes due to the structure of pure HTML and CSS.

But now this is over, and I have no excuse anymore not to write new blog entries! Why? Because I have now switched to jekyll. With it, it’s relatively easy to program websites dynamically, and let them built as static, which allows me to better organize blog entries and pages. If you are a developer, this might make sense to you. Actually, in case you are interested, you can still visit the old version of this site here.

Anyways, I wanted to put the news here, we will see how it develops. I hope you had a successful day too, and if not, I wish you one now.

Bye for now.

Bumble, 2020-10-01 19:24

Bloody hell mate, took you a god damn year to come back!

I demand at least 1 post per week as an apology otherwise your coming back shall not be accepted!

Bob, 2020-10-04 21:54

Thanks, I will try my best to fulfil your needs.

Bob, 2022-04-27 19:50

Another test comment to check if everything still works as intended.

Bob, 2022-04-28 12:37

Sorry, but I have to test again.

Bob, 2022-10-12 19:01

Here comes another test comment!

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