A quick overview of nordic mythology

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The first ever creature in nordic mythology was Ymir. It was born as the cold glacial ice of Niflheim came upon the blazing fire of Muspellsheim. Ymir had both genders and thus was able to breed new creatures as it fell asleep. In the Prose Edda there was another original being, the cow Audhumbla from which Ymir drunk milk to sleep easier.

The most essential element in nordic mythology is the tree Yggdrasil. It is basically holding everything together and bringing order to the cosmos. Yggdrasil grew on Asgardhr from the dead body of Ymir after he was killed by the first gods which were his own descendants.

Most of the times Yggdrasil is said to be an ash but depending on the location it is often described as a yew tree instead. This uncertainty comes from the fact that these trees aren’t endemic in Scandinavia and thus easily mixed up.

Yggdrasil grew so big it’s three roots reach over all nine worlds. At the end of each root there is a fountain of different meaning. Mimirs Well offers wit and wisdom. To drink from it Mimir desires a sacrifice in return. Odin, the father of gods, lost his left eye this way. The second fountain is the Urdar Fountain. Next to it three beautiful Norns dwell. They are named Urd, Skuld and Verdani. They are responsible for the life of all mankind, every creature and every god. They control the past, the present and the entire future. The third fountain is called Hwergelmir. It is the well of all existing rivers. Here the dragon Nidhöggr lives. Due to his jealousy he gnaws on the bottom of the spring.

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