CodingBobby | Traktify's Logo

Designing the icon for Traktify involved a process of changing and tweaking things to improve it. Because the app development started at a fast pace, the icon development didn’t have enough time to go through many iterations. As a result, the first logo was far from polished.

Here, some of the logo iterations are shown – the topmost one is the latest.

3rd Iteration

This iteration was a big step forward and many things have changed:

  • the film-strip finally got properly sized sprocket holes (holes around the folding curves are intentionally left out as they would be too complicated and messy to look at)
  • added parts of the film behind the holes, which were somehow forgotten before
  • shadows and highlights on the film emphasize how it is folded
  • subtle gradients help the icon to stand out and feel more plastic

3rd Traktify Logo

2nd Iteration

The purpose of this iteration’s changes was to make the icon usable at smaller sizes.

  • increased size of sprocket holes
  • darkened the backside of the strip

2nd Traktify Logo

1st Iteration

Traktify’s icon contains three things:

  • the letter “T” to provide an anchor for the design to depend on
  • a film strip, indicating the topic and purpose of this app – organising your movies and tv shows
  • the colour red, a connection to which is the underlying service the app is built on

1st Traktify Logo