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Awesome to see you here.

This website1 started a few years ago as a weekend project when I felt the need to combine my main interests in some way. Here I would like to share my thoughts with you and talk about things that otherwise have no place in my everyday life or are simply worth writing down. Sometimes I have ideas that may sound a little silly but still deserve some attention. Or I recently learned something amazing that I want more people to know about.

Regardless of whether you know me already from my old site or if you just found it, I hope you will enjoy browsing on my small web presence.

Take care, Bob.

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Who I am

I am CodingBobby but you can call me Bob.2 My favourite things are:

  • physics, engineering and science in general
  • coding in JavaScript, Python and Julia
  • photography and being outdoors
  • music, mostly metal and neo classic

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If you want to get in touch with me, you can’t find me on Twitter anymore but write me an email. Comments on blog posts are also welcome if you would like to share your thoughts with other readers.

You can find a list of the hardware and software I regularly use here.

This Site

With this website, I am a proud member of the 250kB Club and the orange team of the 512kB Club!

The internet has become a bloated mess because of massive JavaScript libraries, tons of popups, huge images and other media that requires years to request and download. But we can make a difference – all it takes is some optimisation.

I am also part of the IndieWeb Webring you can explore here (or in the footer of every page):

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This website was last compiled on 2024-06-28 with Jekyll and 💚. And now, banners!

This website was made with hands.


Distributed Computing

I highly recommend you learn about BOINC if you haven’t already. It gives you the opportunity to join distributed computing networks of your choice and take part in real science research by donating some of your PC’s power.

Especially in the current Covid-19 situation, I encourage you to join Rosetta@home to contribute to research on the coronavirus. Together we can provide science with computing capacities that surpass even the most powerful supercomputers.

Here, you can see in which projects I currently participate:

Boinc Statistics

Privacy Policy

This website does only use cookies when embedding third-party content like images or inline Spotify players here. I have no influence on them and they are required for the functionalities. For visitor counting, I use GoatCounter which is very lightweight and does only collect the very essentials and not your personal data. Elsewhere, this website does not use any other cookies or tracking techniques. Though, it is making use of your browser’s local storage to save the currently set theme. This only takes a single key-value pair, so you shouldn’t be bothered. Have fun browsing on this minimalistic site.

This website and all its original contents including text, images, animations and code which are not embedded or cited from other sources3 are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License:

Creative Commons License

  1. This website is based on Riccardo Graziosi’s theme no-style-please which I (heavily) modified to fit my needs. Powered by Jekyll

  2. I won’t bother you with nationalities etc. because this is the internet which is by definition worldwide. Nobody should care. 

  3. When external media is embedded into this website, a click onto it will take you to the original source. References will always be listed in the footnotes section of the sites which are citing them.